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Arnold Herzig

Arnold Herzig Radus 400

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Arnold Herzig Radus 400

The R-400 has been firmly established in government and private security printing companies when it comes to the later numbering and coding of small and medium-sized series of high-security products, such as passports, bank notes and similar documents. Combined with the numbering heads of the SU series, it is possible to imprint numberings using standard and special engravings, as well as barcodes

Functions: Numbering and coding, Crash-numbering, Numbering of passports, bank-books and bank notes, Rotary numbering / barcode machines with standard and custom engravings, Automatic counting / manual adjustment / motor driven - computer controlled (CRN).


Technical Specifications:

  •  External dimensions: H - 37, L - 54.3, W - 40 cm
  •  Control: Electronic
  •  Operation: Manual
  •  Formats: Approx. A6 to A3
  •  Books: approx. 3/5mm thickness
  •  Form stes: NCR up to 400g/m²
  •  Electrical: Single phase 220/240V, 50/60Hz
  •  Connection: 110V optional
  •  Weight: approx. 35 kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.