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Applikon Biotechnology

Applikon Biotechnology Pilot System Microbial Fermentor 40L (11039543A)

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Applikon Biotechnology Pilot System Microbial Fermentor 40L 


A wide range of standard modules and standard packs is available to customize the systems to your specific demands. A wide range of add-on packs is available. The standard packs include pressure control, weight control, double gas inlet lines, CIP modules, biomass sensors, perfusion systems and much more.


Applikon offers a choice of ez-Control and i-Control process control systems. The i-Control can be supplied with a DeltaV controller, an Allen Bradley or a Siemens PLC. All i-Control systems support automated Sterilization and Cleaning procedures.


• Easy to clean mirror polished external finish
• Electropolished finish of all parts in contact with the culture (Ra < 0.4 µm) to allow efficient clean-in-place
• Modular design allows easy adaptation to changing process demands
• Magnetically coupled agitator for peace of mind
• cGMP compliant design and documentation simplifies validation
• Compact design reduces floor space
• Open frame construction gives easy access for maintenance and operation


• Scale-up studies
• Medium optimization
• Process optimization
• Small scale production
• Microbial and Cell culture
• Batch, Fed-Batch, Perfusion and Continuous cultivation


Technical Specifications:

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 1250 x  800 x 2100 mm
  •  Weight: 420kg
  •  Max Volume: 40 litres 
  •  Operating Voltage: 400/208 Vac