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Applikon Biotechnology

Applikon Biotechnology Bio Controller ADI1010

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Applikon Biotechnology Bio Controller ADI1010

The Bio Controller ADI 1010 is a controller for running bio processes in autoclavable bio reactors. It is specially developed for process development in laboratory scale bioreactor systems. The ADI 1010 controls pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, foam/level and stirrer speed. Controlling strategies are configured specifically for each user.

This item was removed from a laboratory as surplus to requirements. It powers on but has not been tested further. The major area of application for this equipment is in biotechnology.


Technical Specifications

  • Type: Pt-100 
  • Range:  0 - 150°C 
  • Accuracy:   ± 0.1°C
  • Range: 0 - 14 pH 
  • Accuracy:  ± 0.01 pH 
  • High:   > 26 µS - 100 % 
  • Low:   > 200 µS 100 %



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.



This equipment powers on but has not been tested further, though inspections are welcome.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual: