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Applikon Bio Console ADI 1035 with Bio Controller ADI 1030

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Applikon Bio Console ADI 1035 with Bio Controller ADI 1030

The ADI 1035 Bio Console is an actuator console that can be used in combination with an ADI 1030 Bio Controller. It supports gas flow regulation (with rotameters), stirrer speed control, level control, temperature control (with hot and cold water or heating blanket) and liquid addition with pumps. It also supports tuning the flow of cooling medium to the condenser. Because of its compact design, the ADI 1035 Bio Console allows you to run a bioprocess on a minimum amount of bench space. This Bio Console includes two Masterflex 7518-00 Pump Heads.

This item was removed from a biotechnology lab as surplus to requirements. 


Technical Specifications

  •  Bio Console Dimensions (W x D x H): 410 x 360 x 610 mm
  •  Bio Console Weight: 15 kg
  •  Bio Controller Dimensions (W x D x H): 450 x 340 x 160 mm
  •  Bio Controller Weight: 7 kg
  •  Electrical Data: Voltage: 220 - 240V, 50 Hz, 30 VA, 0.4 A



Both pieces of equipment have seen previous use but is in good condition.



Both items power up but have no been tested further, though inspections are welcome.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.