Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500 (0506-1422) Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500 (0506-1422)
Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500 (0506-1422)

Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500 (0506-1422)

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Glass chromatography columns for process development or biopharmaceutical manufacture, designed for hygienic operation and easy, efficient packing.

  • Glass column tube allows efficient and reproducible packing.
  • Material Certificates Reports (BPG MCR) available for ordering.
  • Installation and Operational Qualification Documentation Packages available from GE Life Sciences.
  • Hygienic design and operation. Microbial attachment and growth is prevented through the use of calibrated precision glass, high-grade electropolished stainless steel and an absence of dead pockets.
  • Easy, efficient packing and running with the single-screw adapter.
  • All polymeric materials meet the requirements for USP class VI, described in USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests, in vivo.


Parameter BPG 100/500 Column
Adapter Movement Manual 
Autoclavable 121°C for 30 min, except for the bed support 
Bed Height 1-26 cm 
Bed Height Packing With Extension Max.1 35 cm cm
Bed Height Running With Extension Max.2 45 cm 
Bed Support Net 
Bed Volume3 0.3-2 l 
Bed Volume Packing With Extension Max.4 2.7 l l
Bed Volume Running With Extension Max.5 3.5 l 
Column Cross Section Area 78.5 cm² 
Compliance The product fulfills valid directives and standards when used within the conditions specified in the user manual. The product must also be used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare and connected only to other CE labeled GE Healthcare modules or other products as recommended. For regulatory details please see declaration of conformity. 
Connections 25 mm TC 
Dimensions 480 x 480 x 1270 mm 
Foot Print 480 x 480 mm 
Inlet Dimension i.d. 4 mm
Material [Bed Support] Polyamid (PA), Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Polypropylene (PP) 
Material [Column Tube] Glass Borosilicate 3.3 
Material [Lid] 316L Stainless Steel (SS) 
Material [Seal] Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM), Fluoroethenepropene (FEP) 
Material [Stand] 316L Stainless Steel (SS) 
Operating Pressure Max. 8 bar (116.03 psi) 
Operating Temperature 4°C-40°C 
Order Information Stand not included for column sizes 100-200 
Outer Height 1270 mm
Porosity 10 µm, 12 µm, 23 µm and 54 µm 
Surface Finish, Stainless Steel Internal Wetted Glass Ra < 0.4 μm, SS UNS S32205, SS UNS S31803, SS ASTM 316L Ra 0.5 μm 
Surface Finish Stainless Steel Non-Wetted Parts Ra Electropolished 3 μm 

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