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Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500 (0505-1408)

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Amersham Biosciences BPG 100-500

Glass chromatography columns for process development or biopharmaceutical manufacture, designed for hygienic operation and easy, efficient packing.

  • Glass column tube allows efficient and reproducible packing.
  • Material Certificates Reports (BPG MCR) available for ordering.
  • Installation and Operational Qualification Documentation Packages available from GE Life Sciences.
  • Hygienic design and operation. Microbial attachment and growth is prevented through the use of calibrated precision glass, high-grade electropolished stainless steel and an absence of dead pockets.
  • Easy, efficient packing and running with the single-screw adapter.
  • All polymeric materials meet the requirements for USP class VI, described in USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests, in vivo.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Column Cross-section: 78.5 cm² 
  •  Max Operating Pressure: 8 bar (116.03 psi)
  •  External Dimensions: 480 x 480 x 1270 mm
  •  Weight: 15 kg