AandD SV-100 Viscometer

AandD SV-100 Viscometer

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Viscometer SV-100
Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV-10/SV-100 measures viscosity by detecting the driving electric current necessary to resonate the two sensor plates at constant frequency of 30Hz and amplitude of less than 1mm.
-wide range of measurements
-temperature measurements: 0 to 160°C
-high accuracy: ±1% of measured value
-small sample size of 35ml and optional 10ml sample vial or 13ml quartz glass vial
-easy cleaning of stainless steel sensor plates and temperature sensor (all gold plated)
-WinCT-Viscosity is software to import the measured data of viscosity and temperature to a PC and graphically display the changes in real-time for your analysis
-easy calibration with distilled water (SV-10)
-sample heating or cooling with *Water Jacket*
-approved measuring method acc. to JCSS (Japan Calibration Service Systems)

Product Specification:
Product Type: SV-100 
Measuring range: 1 to 100 Pas 
Unit: Pas, P 

Manufacturer AND
Manufacturer P/n SV-100
Type SV-100
Measuring range 1 to 100 Pas
Unit Pas, P
PK 1


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