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AandD MPA-20 Electronic Pipette

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Volume range: 0.3 to 20.0 L

Volume, Accuracy and Repeatability: 2.0 L, 20.0 L -----4.0%, 1.0%-----2.5%, 0.4%

Operation mode: AUTO (Standard mode) , MD( Multiple dispensing mode)

   MIX (Mixing mode) , SYS (System setting mode)

Program memory 9 programs

Aspirating and dispensing speed 5 speed(set to 3 at time of shipment)

Maximum number of dispensing (When recharging fully) Approx. 1,800 times *

Charging time Approx. 5 hours at 100% charging

Pipette driving method stepping motor

Energy saving setting Automatically power turning off after ten minutes

Autoclave treatment Possible for the lower part of the pipette (121 , 2 ATMs, 20 minutes)

Use environment temperature 15 to 30℃

Use environment humidity 85% RH or less

Battery Lithium-ion battery 3.7V / 920mAh MD

Total length (device) Approx. 280mm

Weight (Battery is included.): Approx. 150g


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