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A&D HV-15KGV Digital Platform Scale

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A&D HV-15KGV Digital Platform Scale

The A&D HV-15KGV is a platform scale with a 1/3000 resolution.

This item is a display model, received directly from A&D, and so has never seen previous laboratory use.



  • Type V scales use a fluorescent display so it can be read in dim light. This type is directly powered from the AC power line.
  • Using the standard RS-232C serial interface, data can be output to a printer, and the scale can be controlled or can be set by a command from a personal computer.
  • The counting mode converts the total mass value (total weight) of articles to be counted, to a count, when each article has the same mass value.
  • The scales can display the unit of percentage.
  • The accumulation function (up to 6 digits) accumulates each weight value and counts the number of times articles are weighed.
  • The simple batch function or full/dribble batch function can be used for filling up to a target mass value.


Technical Specifications

  • Width: 275mm
  • Depth: 474mm
  • Height: 368mm


As new - display model.



Tested & working.