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A&D FX-200i Precision Laboratory Balance

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A&D FX-200i Precision Laboratory Balance

The A&D FX-200i is a general-purpose laboratory balance that can be installed almost anywhere.

This item is a display model, received directly from A&D, and so has never seen previous laboratory use.



  • Compact general-purpose balance, can be installed almost anywhere. 
  • The FZ-i series balance is equipped with an internal mass for one-touch calibration. 
  • Casing construction, strong protection against dust and moisture. 
  • Stabilization time of one second. When FAST is selected for the response rate, a stabilization time of one second, to read a displayed value after a sample is placed on the pan, has been achieved.   
  • Multiple weighing units with most of the common units used around the world.  Standard RS-232C serial interface to communicate with a computer and to output the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data 
  • Statistical calculation mode to statistically calculate the weight data, and display or output the sum, maximum, minimum, range (maximum-minimum), average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. 
  • Comparator Indicators, displaying the comparison results. 
  • Hold Function, provided for weighing a moving object such as an animal.


Technical Specifications

  • Width: 193mm
  • Depth: 262.5mm
  • Height: 84.5mm
  • Weight: 3kg



As new - display model.



Tested & working.