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A&D SE-60KAM Washdown Scale

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A&D SE-60KAM Washdown Scale

The A&D SE-60KAM is a platform scale with dust-tight and water-tight construction. Water will not enter the scale even if immersed to a depth of 1m for 24 hours.

This item is a display model, received directly from A&D, and so has never seen previous laboratory use.



  • The weighing platform is made of steel and the weighing pan is made of stainless steel.
  • As a power source, size D batteries are used. The battery life, when Alkaline batteries are used, is approximately 5,000 hours.
  • A large LCD with a character height of 39 mm is used.
  • Two types of weight display resolution are available, normal (1/3,000) and high (1/6,000 or 1/7,500).
  • The counting function easily counts the number of objects of the same weight.
  • The comparator function compares the displayed value (weight value) with the upper and lower limit values and shows the results.


Technical Specifications

Width: 300mm

Depth 582mm

Height: 722mm

Weight: 12kg



As new - display model.



Tested & working.