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Thermotron SM-8-8200 Humidity Chamber

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Thermotron SM-8-8200 Humidity Chamber

The Thermotron SM-8-8200 environmental chamber, provides superior performance for prototyping, durability testing, and product component screening. The S/SM-Series Environmental Chamber is designed to meet quality standards while offering flexibility, uniformity and control accuracy for cost-effective testing.

Thermotron’s S/SM-8200 Series chambers deliver the quality and accuracy you would expect from a premier worldwide supplier of environmental testing equipment. Featuring the 8200 touchscreen programmer/controller, wide temperature and humidity ranges, and multiple chamber sizes, Thermotron’s S/SM-8200 Series chamber is the ideal choice for quality and customizable simulated environmental testing.

Technical Specifications:

External Dimensions:

  • Height: 181cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Depth: 132cm

Internal Dimensions:

  • Height: 61cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Depth: 73cm



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Notes Humidity range in SM Series Humidity Chambers is limited by a +7°C (+45°F) minimum dew point temperature and a maximum dry bulb temperature of+88°C (+190°F). Relative humidity indication at or near the physical limits may be affected by sensor accuracy and control tolerance.