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Safelab Airone-R Filtration Fume Cupboard

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Safelab Airone-R Filtration Fume Cupboard


The Airone R is a fixed, filtered fume cupboard with laminated glass side panels, equally suitable for prep room use and chemistry practical work to A level. An integrated variable air volume (VAV) system ensures the inward air flow remains constant by adjusting the fan speed as the laminated glass sash is raised or lowered. The Airone R fume cupboard uses high capacity activated carbon filters to remove airborne contaminants without the need for ducting. Unlike a ducted fume cupboard, it does not require make up air to be introduced to the room to operate safely, and does not expel heated indoor air to the outside.


Technical Specifications:

External dimensions:

  • Height 220cm
  • Width 100cm
  • Depth 66cm

Internal dimensions:

  • Height 82cm
  • Width 97cm
  • Depth 59cm
  • Weight 250kg


For further technical specifications refer to the specification sheet.