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SPARES ONLY - Perkin Elmer Zeeman AA Spectrometer 4100 ZL


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SPARES ONLY - Perkin Elmer Zeeman AA Spectrometer 4100 ZL

The Model 4100 ZL is a totally automated multi-element analysis system for Zeeman-effect Graphite Furnace AAS. The compact bench top instrument comprises all spectrometer and furnace components in a single unit. Complete system control is achieved via an industrial-standard personal PC using advanced graphical AA software.

The high throughput optical system of the 4100 ZL is designed for maximum analytical performance with the graphite furnace. The use of a longitudinally AC Zeeman system provides exceptional correction accuracy by maintaining the high energy throughput by eliminating the need for a polarizer or other energy-reducing components in the optical system.

A transversely heated graphite atomizer (THGA) with an integrated platform provides uniform temperature over the entire graphite tube strongly reducing memory and carry-over by condensation effects. The furnace allows to use platform atomization (STPF conditions) for all elements.


Condition / Function

Item is for SPARES ONLY. The working parts of this equipment have seen previous use but are in good condition.