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Pol-Eko ZLN-T 125 Laboratory Freezer

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Pol-Eko ZLN-T 125 Laboratory Freezers with Natural Air Convection

Laboratory freezers can freeze and store frozen samples.



  • Long-term storage of samples and biological material for research
  • Storage of easily decomposing material (e.g. solid state)
  • Freeze resistance tests (e.g. of building materials: concrete, wood etc.)
  • Pre-freezing
  • Plasma storage


Technical Specifications:

  • Air Convection: Natural
  • Chamber Capacity: 130L
  • Working Capacity: 109L
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 0°C
  • Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 720 x 1190 x  810 mm


For further technical specifications please refer to the links below.

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ZLN-T 125 SMART Data Sheet

ZLN-T 125 SMART PRO Data Sheet