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Parker Domnick Hunter

Parker Domnick Hunter LC-MS 20-1 Nitrogen Gas Generator

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Parker Domnick Hunter LC-MS Nitrogen Gas Generator

Units use fully regenerative pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to trap oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture in a bed of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) that alternates between regeneration and purification modes. 

  • Provide a continuous stream of clean, dry nitrogen without the need for secondary purification
  • Suitable for nebulizing, sheath, and drying gas
  • Digital interface; units are fully compatible with APCI and ESI interfaces
  • With FEP tubing for phthalate-free operation
  • Soundproofed compressor box
  • Space saving—can fit under a bench
  • LC/MS 15 is designed for use with Agilent™ 1100 Series LC/MS products
  • Some models include integral oil-free compressors–external supply is not needed
  • For those models without the integral compressor: 7barg specified outlet pressure, 9barg specified inlet pressure; 70L/min. minimum constant air requirement for 15 and 20 models, 130L/min. minimum constant air requirement for 30 and 40 models
  • International models also available