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Lab Clearance

Posted by Deborah Baldwin on

Scientific Lab Clearance

Clearing your lab can be a daunting undertaking. We have years of experience removing, recycling and repurposing all kinds of specialist equipment so you don't need to worry.

Case Study: GSK Tonbridge

We were asked to clear the GlaxoSmith Kline site at Tonbridge. We cleared 30 fume cupboards, benching and assorted items of equipment over a 5 day period. We resold the fume cupboards to a Cambridge University Spin Out at a fraction of the new price - enabling the company to undertake more ground breaking scientific research.


Case Study 2: London University

One of our regular customers at a London university needed safety cabinets removing along with other surplus laboratory equipment. The equipment was used to help a few start up companies who were low on funds.



Case Study 3: Beaconsfield Workshop

We were asked to clear out the workshop of a deceased world expert in FTIR's. The instruments varied in size with the largest weighing 3/4 of a tonne!


Case Study 4: Government Department

We were called upon to do a clearance of a government department at short notice and we were able to clear it in short order ensuring no disruption to our client. 



If you have equipment gathering dust, unsure of how to clear space, please get in touch with the team.