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  • A Familiar Sight?

    We offer a comprehensive lab clearance service so you can get all of your space back into action. We are certified to deal with WEEE and hazardous waste. Phone us or e-mail for a competitive quote.

  • Pol-Eko Smart Lab Equipment

    See the range of Pol-Eko  on display in our state of the art showroom

  • Refrigeration for the Nation

    Delivery of the vaccine for Covid-19 will rely heavily on cold infrastructure. We're ready to supply Ultra Low Temperature Freezers and other refrigeration units to the institutions that need them most.

  • Academic Discount

    We work with Universities and Research Academics across the UK to Enable Scientific Discovery. 


We keep a huge range of lab equipment in stock for urgent delivery.


Used lab equipment is often less than 1/3rd the price of new.


Give us a call to chat about your project and get a great deal on used lab equipment

Welcome to Richmond Scientific

Richmond Scientific is the leading supplier of used scientific equipment and used lab equipment in the UK. We have been trading for over 20 years and supply used laboratory equipment and scientific instrumentation to manufacturing facilities, research labs, contract labs as well as to many researchers, clinicians and innovators in businesses, schools and university settings. We also have fantastic relationships with many overseas companies who trust us to provide them with great lab equipment at a fair price. 

However, we don’t just sell scientific equipment - We understand that as your lab develops, some equipment becomes surplus to your requirements. We specialise in ensuring your benches are clear of unused and unwanted equipment so that your lab can remain at its optimum efficiency.

We have an extensive range of second hand scientific equipment at all times and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we are known for being the company that can unearth most types of scientific instrumentation at a reasonable price.