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New A&D Moisture Balance (ML-50)

SKU: BN22756 Category:

Model: ML-50

Serial: P1039580

Stock: B22756

Measurement Method: 400 W straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter and SHS weighing technology

Maximum sample weight capacity: 51 g

Min. Display –

Moisture Content: 0.1% / 1%

Weight: 0.005 g

Repeatability –

Moisture content (over 1 g): 0.5%

Moisture content (over 5 g): 0.1%

Weight: 0.005 g

Drying Temperature: 50 to 200 °C

Measurement Unit: Wet base / Dry base / Dry content / Ratio / Weight

Sample Pan Size: ø85 mm


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