Used Scientific Equipment

Instrumental to Science

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  • Leeson Oil Rotary High Vacuum Pump (VPAC28370)

  • Microbiological Safety Cabinet

  • New Anti-Vibration Table for Laboratory Balance – (B21011)

  • New Polekonapier 700L Cooled Incubator – (I20981)

  • New Polekonapier Cooled Incubator 240L – (I20979)

  • New Polekonapier 1000L Stainless Steel Oven – (NP20974)

  • AandD FX-1200i-WP

  • AandD MPA-200 Electronic Pipette

  • AandD MPA-1200 Electronic Pipette

  • AandD MPA-20 Electronic Pipette