Used Scientific Equipment

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  • Jun-Air 2000-25M (M28810)

  • Cetac ASX-510 Autosampler (M28769)

  • Biotek Plate ELX405 Plate Washer (M28757)

  • Manson EP-613 Power Supply Unit (M28704)

  • Gilson 322 Pump (M28672)

  • LaserChrom CSI6150 Vacuum Degasser (M28669)

  • EndoSafe Portable Test System (M28357)

  • RotaCool Heidolph Bench Top Chiller (M28352)

  • Powervar Uninterruptible Power Conditioner (M28349)

  • New Brunswick Scientific (CO2/LN2 Back-Up Module) (M23324)