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  • Anthos HT3 Plate Reader (M26379)

  • Biomat Class 2 Ducted Safety Cabinet – (M21207)

  • Titertek plus MS2 Reader – (M19697)

  • BioTek Microplate Autoreader EL311 (M19566)

  • Innovatis Cedex Automated Cell Counter with MS 20 C Auto Sampler (M17747)

  • BioTek ELx404 Select CW (M17601)

  • BioTek ELx808 (M17551)

  • Techne TC-412 Thermal Cycler (M17524)

  • Bio-Tek ELx405 Microplate Washer (M17183)

  • New Hamamatsu ORCA-flash 4.0 V2